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Code of Conduct

As members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health we work to the professional code of conduct laid down to help members demonstrate their value and reliability through adhering to high standards.  The code provides a strong ethical foundation for us a members to work towards.

We have used the IOSH code to provide the basis of our company code of conduct which outlines the responsibilities and standards expected of both ourselves and our clients.  The code demonstrates our commitment to our clients and provides a clear and transparent framework for all work to be undertaken.


The Service Provider


  • Be honest, abide by the law and avoid conflicts of interest wherever possible.


  • Ensure all persons are competent to undertake the work, making the client aware of the levels of competence.
  • Maintain continuing professional development.


  • Respect the rights and privacy of clients
  • Co-operate with clients in fulfilling their legal duties under the terms of this agreement
  • Respond promptly to any dispute or complaint.


  • Ensure terms of appointment and scope of work are clearly recorded.
  • Work in a timely manner with adequate professional indemnity insurance in place.
  • Ensure that our professional advice is accurate, proportionate and communicated in an appropriate format.
  • Inform clients of the possible adverse consequences of neglecting/overruling our professional advice.

Signed on behalf of


The Client


  • Co-operate with the Service Provider on all health and safety matters, ensuring access to all relevant information.
  • Report any serious incidents and details of any possible claims in relation to the business operations as soon as possible to the Service Provider
  • Notify of any major planned changes to the business property, plant, personnel or operating conditions/hours
  • Advise of any visits from officials with statutory duties in relation to health and safety matters and make any documents issued available.


  • Accepts the ultimate responsibility for the health, safety and welfare at work for his employees and those not in his employment affected by or in connection with his work undertakings.
  • Will take all reasonable steps to take appropriate action in accordance with the current legislation
  • Ensure adequate time is allowed to enable the Service Provider to fulfil the scope of work agreed.

Signed on behalf of