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Our Mission Statement

Our service is personal and friendly whilst remembering the importance of H&S in the workplace. We do not offer 'one size fits all' services, being a small business our advisors and trainers are all capable of supporting you in establishing your needs. The process of recording and tracking the progress is essential in demonstrating how you established the 'reasonable steps' that have been taken.

Our service differs from most other providers, we aim to bring our knowledge and skill to your business and ensure you are able to manage safety as you would any other part of your business. This will often be achieved by supporting and encouraging your managers and employees in the operation of your own tailored system.

Acer Safety is owned and manged by H&S professionals all with a wealth of experience in a commercial setting. Our objectives are to understand the demands placed on your business, work alongside and integrate safety in every aspect of your organisation. Our aims are to establish a firm and positive culture which grows within your business and extends safety into the communities that your business effects.

Our team networks to support professional development and links with other providers to offer our clients a base of services from reputable local services. We support the local charity groups and provide resources and support. Each member in our team uses CPD to monitor their own development and progress.

We communicate, speaking in business terms, without over complicating or using 'safety lingo'. Our advisors can offer sensible solutions using your own business methods and structure to demonstrate compliance. Each industry has its own drivers and our job is to ensure that H&S works for you, not against you. We will if required back up our advice and offer clear guidance on matters of H&S law. All our advisors and trainers have membership with IOSH and operate within the IOSH charter.

Clear aims and setting of objectives, establishing your current position and tracking the efforts made provide clear evidence of your commitment to Health & Safety. The demonstration of your success need  to be celebrated and we will ensure that you are able to identify clearly each milestone you've achieved. Timescales and priorities will be set with your approval and justified against your business needs.

Financially we aim to benefit your business, seeking sensible precautions, limiting unnecessary burden on finances and reducing the effects of bureaucracy. Commercially offering support to your applications to accreditation bodies supports the growth of new business and sustains the need for appropriate ongoing improvement.

Our service, is simply client led offering out expertise to ensure the maximum benefit of your resources. We listen, establish objectives and work to gain confidence offering robust and sensible solutions.